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October 6, 2023

Intestinal disturbances associated with mortality of children with complicated severe malnutrition

Background Children admitted to hospital with complicated severe malnutrition (CSM) have high mortality despite compliance with standard WHO management guidelines. Limited data suggests a relationship between intestinal dysfunction and poor prognosis in CSM, but this has not been explicitly studied. This study aimed to evaluate the role of intestinal disturbances in CSM mortality.

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Rebalancing of mitochondrial homeostasis through an NAD+ – SIRT1 pathway preserves intestinal barrier function in severe malnutrition


The intestine of children with severe malnutrition (SM) shows structural and functional changes that are linked to increased infection and mortality. SM dysregulates the tryptophan-kynurenine pathway, which may impact
processes such as SIRT1- and mTORC1-mediated autophagy and mitochondrial homeostasis. Using a mouse and
organoid model of SM, we studied the repercussions of these dysregulations on malnutrition enteropathy and the protective capacity of maintaining autophagy activity and mitochondrial health.

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