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September 6, 2018 in featured, News

New technology to help unravel why millions of undernourished children die

CHAIN's Dr. James Njunge is one of the 6 finalists in the Wellcome/WHO Early Career Researcher competition. He writes about a new technology that can help us understand why millions…
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August 14, 2018 in featured

CHAIN Malawi responds to The Lancet’s, “Closing the door on parachutes and parasites.”

AUTHORS: Philliness Prisca Harawa, Emmie Mbale, Mac Mallewa, Queen Dube, Josephine Langton, Jenala Njiram’madzi, Benjamin Kumwenda, Robert Bandsma, Wieger Voskuijl
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May 2, 2017 in featured, News

How best to detect malnutrition in infants under 6 months?

This is the question that CHAIN authors, Martha Mwangome, Moses Ngari, Jay Berkley and others have sought to answer in their new paper entitled “Diagnostic criteria for severe acute malnutrition…
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May 7, 2019 in CHAIN Publications

Childhood Acute Illness and Nutrition (CHAIN) Network: a protocol for a multi-site prospective cohort study to identify modifiable risk factors for mortality among acutely ill children in Africa and Asia

The Childhood Acute Illness and Nutrition Network Introduction Children admitted to hospitals in resourcepoor settings remain at risk of both inpatient and postdischarge mortality. While known risk factors such as…
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January 9, 2019 in CHAIN Publications

The impact of malnutrition on childhood infections

Judd L. Walson and James A. Berkley   Purpose of review Almost half of all childhood deaths worldwide occur in children with malnutrition, predominantly in sub- Saharan Africa and South Asia.…
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August 15, 2018 in CHAIN Publications

Severe childhood malnutrition

AUTHORS: Zulfiqar A. Bhutta, James A. Berkley, Robert H. J. Bandsma, Marko Kerac, Indi Trehan and André Briend Use the term ‘severe malnutrition’ to describe these conditions to better reflect the…
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August 15, 2018 in CHAIN Publications

Knowledge of, and attitudes to giving expressed breastmilk to infants in rural coastal Kenya; focus group discussions of first time mothers and their advisers.

AUTHORS: Talbert AW, Tsofa B, Mumbo E, Berkley JA, Mwangome M Explored knowledge of, and attitudes to, the practice of giving expressed breastmilk in a mixed methods observational study of breastfeeding in rural Kenyan mothers.
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August 15, 2018 in CHAIN Publications

The impact of rickets on growth and morbidity during recovery among children with complicated severe acute malnutrition in Kenya: A cohort study.

AUTHORS:  Ngari MM, Thitiri J, Mwalekwa L, Timbwa M, Iversen PO, Fegan GW, Berkley JA Investigated the associations of clinically diagnosed rickets with life-threatening events and anthropometric recovery during 1 year following inpatient treatment for complicated SAM. This…
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August 14, 2018 in CHAIN Publications

Severe malnutrition in infants aged <6 months-Outcomes and risk factors in Bangladesh: A prospective cohort study.

AUTHORS:  Munirul Islam M, Arafat Y, Connell N, Mothabbir G, McGrath M, Berkley JA, Ahmed T, Kerac M. argue that severe acute malnutrition (SAM) affects ~4 million infants under 6 months (u6m) worldwide, but evidence underpinning their care is…
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May 3, 2016 in CHAIN Publications

Immune Dysfunction as a Cause and Consequence of Malnutrition

AUTHORS: Claire D. Bourke, James A. Berkley, Andrew J. Prendergast (more…)
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August 23, 2016 in Background Publications

Treatment Failure and Mortality amongst Children with Severe Acute Malnutrition Presenting with Cough or Respiratory Difficulty and Radiological Pneumonia

AUTHORS: Chisti MJ, Salam MA, Bardhan PK, Faruque AS, Shahid AS, Shahunja KM, Das SK, Hossain MI, Ahmed T (more…)
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June 3, 2014 in Background Publications

Follow-Up of Post-Discharge Growth and Mortality after Treatment for Severe Acute Malnutrition (FuSAM Study): A Prospective Cohort Study

AUTHORS: Marko Kerac, James Bunn, George Chagaluka, Paluku Bahwere, Andrew Tomkins, Steve Collins, Andrew Seal (more…)
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