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Free software tools for adaptive trial design

Adaptive trial designs have become popular in clinical trials and general randomized studies. They provide a number of advantages over traditional designs, e.g., adaptive designs support a variety of flexible decision rules aimed at identifying the best interventions or most promising populations of subjects in a data-driven way, and help improve the probability of success in the study.

A suite of free software tools (MedianaDesigner package) have been built to help research teams design complex adaptive trials. This package supports efficient simulation-based power and sample size calculations for most commonly used types of adaptive designs:

Adaptive trials with data-driven sample size or event count re-estimation.
Adaptive trials with data-driven treatment selection.
Adaptive trials with data-driven population selection.

The R package can be installed from the CRAN web site []

Free web applications that facilitate simulation-based design of adaptive trials are available on the Cloud platform []. The applications can be accessed using the following login information:

Login: MedianaDesigner
Password: Rt5UKD8pzm

Additional information and multiple case studies can be found in the online manual [].